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Armed Homeowner Defends Seattle Residence During a Nighttime Break-In

Three masked men carrying guns announced themselves as “Seattle Police” before trying to kick in the door

In a chilling incident that unfolded around 2 a.m. on a Thursday October 19th, a homeowner in Auburn, Washington, faced a harrowing ordeal when three masked intruders attempted to break into their home. The shocking incident, caught on a Ring video, sheds light on the importance of home security and self-defense, serving as a vivid reminder of why carrying a gun can sometimes be a lifesaver.

The targeted homeowners, understandably preferring to remain anonymous, shared their nightmarish experience with KIRO 7 News. One neighbor, who resides next door to the targeted home, recounted, “I woke up and then like a second later I hear glass shatter and the alarms are going off.”

Awakened by the commotion, he realized that the situation was quickly escalating. “I was instantly worried that if they weren’t breaking into our house right now, someone was going to come into our yard. Maybe a gunfight was happening in our yard; they were going to break into our house. You never know,” the concerned neighbor remarked.

The neighbor reported hearing a barrage of gunshots, an alarming sound that signaled the exchange of gunfire between the homeowners and the masked intruders. The Ring video captured the intense moment when the residents opened fire, prompting the assailants to retaliate, leaving several bullet holes across the front of the home and even penetrating a neighboring window.

Reflecting on the incident, the neighbor expressed his astonishment at the homeowners’ resilience, stating, “I’m just like, man, they’re lucky to be alive.”

This unsettling incident in Auburn is just one of four reported home invasions in the South King County area since Sunday. Auburn Police weighed in on the disturbing trend, emphasizing the importance of home security. Kolby Crossley, the Public Information Officer for the Auburn Police Department, noted, “You can see that they really did have their home properly secured. It took them a solid 20 seconds to get through that door by kicking it and trying to ram it.”

The homeowners themselves acknowledged the significance of being prepared to protect their home. When asked for recommendations, the police emphasized the right to self-defense, especially in terrifying situations like this. Crossley stated, “We do encourage you to defend yourself if you’re in a situation where you feel like you’re being threatened. In a situation like this, that’s so terrifying… you need to do to protect your home and the people inside your home.”

This incident underscores why carrying a gun can save lives. When faced with imminent danger, having the means to defend oneself and loved ones can make all the difference. In this case, the armed homeowners were able to fend off the attackers and protect their home. While no one wishes for such a scenario, being prepared and having the necessary tools can be a vital line of defense against criminal threats.

Despite their diligent use of security measures, including cameras and motion-sensor lights, the Auburn victims are left grappling with the aftermath of the incident as they rebuild the front of their home.

The incident serves as a wake-up call for many, highlighting the stark reality that such threats exist even in seemingly safe neighborhoods. The Auburn Police are actively investigating whether any of the four home invasions are related. Notably, three of the cases, including the attempted break-in in Auburn, involved Asian victims.

If you possess any information related to the suspects captured in the Ring video, authorities urge you to contact the Auburn Police, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and vigilance in maintaining the safety of our neighborhoods.

Armed homeowner prevents Auburn home invasion
Originally reported by Kiro7
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