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Elderly Florida Resident Halts Intruder with Firearm

Neptune Beach, FL – In a recent incident in Neptune Beach, Florida, an elderly homeowner’s swift response prevented a potential robbery. The intruder’s plans were abruptly halted when the homeowner confronted him, armed and ready.

On July 19, the Neptune Beach Police Department was alerted to an ongoing residential burglary. Upon their arrival, they found that Antonio Grant, 42, had gained unauthorized entry into the house via the backdoor. However, Grant was met with an unexpected challenge when the homeowner brandished a firearm, ensuring he remained stationary until the police intervened.

Neptune Beach Police, in their official Facebook post, highlighted, “Grant did not anticipate the homeowner’s preparedness. Our officers were able to swiftly respond and apprehend him, thanks to the homeowner’s actions.”

Grant now faces charges of second-degree forcible felony for burglary and is currently detained by the police. Adding to his criminal history, it was revealed that Grant had recently been released from jail. His previous incarceration was related to an attempted forcible sexual battery incident in Jacksonville Beach in 2018.

The Neptune Beach Police Department expressed their gratitude towards the homeowner’s decisive actions and emphasized their commitment to community safety. They stated, “We are deeply dedicated to safeguarding our community and its residents. We commend the homeowner’s bravery and are relieved that the situation did not escalate further.”

The police department also took this opportunity to remind the community of the importance of home safety. They urged residents to invest in security measures, such as surveillance cameras, and to always reach out to the police if they suspect any issues. They concluded, “While such crimes are rare in our community, they can still happen. It’s essential to be prepared and vigilant.”

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