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Glock 21 Gen5 MOS review

As an avid .45 ACP aficionado, I’ve come to rely on the Glock 21 platform over the years. But with the latest Gen5 iteration, Glock proves they still have fresh innovations up their sleeve. While retaining the raw power of the battle-proven .45 ACP, the 21 Gen5 demonstrates intelligent evolution rather than revolution.

At a glance, the Gen5 retains Glock’s iconic boxy profile that defines the 21’s silhouette. But a closer inspection reveals clever enhancements throughout this newest generation. The rugged nDLC slide coating shrugs off corrosion and dings with aplomb. Elongated slide serrations provide improved purchase for chambering rounds and press checks, especially with gloved hands. And the extended beavertail helps harness the .45 ACP’s hearty recoil.

Glock’s engineers also massaged the rifling profile of the match grade barrel for enhanced accuracy. Though subtle, these changes reflect Glock’s relentless drive to refine proven platforms. The Gen5 updates optimize venerable systems rather than reinventing the wheel.

The “Gen5” designation itself carries weight among Glock devotees. Since debuting the Gen5 line, Glock has worked tirelessly to incorporate end-user feedback into their pistols. The 21 Gen5 benefits from these lessons learned during previous Gen5 model launches.

While not obvious at a glance, updates to the Gen5’s internals prove meaningful during use. The dual recoil spring assembly markedly quickens follow-up shots by reducing felt recoil. The nDLC coating on internal components boosts durability while slicking up the action. And a re-tuned trigger mechanism provides a cleaner break with less pre-travel compared to earlier generations.

During testing, the 21 Gen5 proved utterly reliable, devouring both hardball and hollowpoints without a hiccup through several hundred rounds. The improved recoil system quickened split times notably compared to my Gen3. Accuracy remained consistent with earlier models, with the match grade barrel delivering a slight precision edge.

The flared magwell promoted fast, positive reloads, especially under pressure. And the grip texture struck the ideal balance between traction and comfort during prolonged sessions. For high volumes of shooting, the 21 Gen5 delighted thanks to Glock’s thoughtful tweaks.

Rest assured, the Gen5 retains everything loyalists admire about the 21’s blend of simplicity, ergonomics and knockdown power. But through incremental improvements, Glock has eliminated past generational shortcomings. Rather than a radical makeover, the Gen5 represents a meticulous evolution of this already phenomenal pistol.

Some diehard Glock purists may not appreciate certain changes like the beavertail or magwell flare. But for those of us who carry and train extensively, the 47 MOS hits a sweet spot between innovation and tradition.

Gone are any glaring flaws or missteps that plagued past generation launches. The 47 combines proven Glock dependability with intelligent modernization. For law enforcement, home defense, or carry use, it’s an eminently capable handgun.

More than just a repackaged G17, the 47 MOS proves Glock still moves forward. While polymer pistol competitors play catch-up, Glock offers next-level performance but with familiarity. For the loyal Glock operator, the 47 warrants strong consideration.

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