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Glock 47 MOS 9mm gun review

The Glock 47 is the latest iteration of Glock’s full-size MOS configuration. As an instructor quite familiar with generations of Glocks, I was eager to assess enhancements made to this fifth-generation model. While retaining Glock’s renowned reliability, the 47 MOS shows welcome evolution.

At first blush, the 47 looks like your typical boxy Glock 17. But side-by-side comparisons reveal subtle improvements. The rifling in the match grade barrel has been optimized to boost accuracy. Slide serrations got longer and wider for enhanced manipulation. And the nDLC finish gives the matte black slide increased protection from corrosion and scratching.

Glock also subtly reshaped the slide near the muzzle for reduced glare and snagging. And the extended beavertail on the polymer frame better protects the shooter’s hand. These thoughtful tweaks enhance performance without altering Glock’s proven formula.

Of course, the “MOS” indicates a milled slide cut to accept miniature reflex optics. This out-of-the-box functionality keeps the 47 competitive with other modern duty pistols. The sight cut and included adapter plates make adding a low-profile optic simple.

Internally, the 47 gets upgrades as well. The dual captured recoil spring reduces vibrations for smoother cycling. The trigger mechanism receives a new trigger spring for a cleaner break. And the nDLC coating on internal components reduces friction and increases durability.

During range sessions, the 47 performed admirably. The milled slide accepted a micro dot securely with minimal gap. Accuracy exceeded expectations for a duty pistol, especially when using match ammo. And reliability was flawless, gobbling up several hundred rounds without a hiccup.

The 47’s enhanced ergonomics also proved themselves. The extended beavertail prevented slide bite even with a high grip. The aggressive slide serrations allowed positive manipulation with wet or sweaty hands. And the flared magwell facilitated swift reloads.

For those concerned that the 47 represents change for change’s sake, fear not. At its core, this remains a quintessential Glock. But the thoughtful improvements address complaints about past generations, resulting in a pistol refined for duty use.

Some diehard Glock purists may not appreciate certain changes like the beavertail or magwell flare. But for those of us who carry and train extensively, the 47 MOS hits a sweet spot between innovation and tradition.

Gone are any glaring flaws or missteps that plagued past generation launches. The 47 combines proven Glock dependability with intelligent modernization. For law enforcement, home defense, or carry use, it’s an eminently capable handgun.

More than just a repackaged G17, the 47 MOS proves Glock still moves forward. While polymer pistol competitors play catch-up, Glock offers next-level performance but with familiarity. For the loyal Glock operator, the 47 warrants strong consideration.

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