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Los Angeles homeowner opens fire on would-be robbers

In a startling incident in Los Angeles’ Mid City area, homeowner and philanthropist Vince Ricci faced a life-threatening situation when approached by armed suspects outside his home. The attempted robbery, which occurred around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 4, was captured by Ricci’s home surveillance cameras, providing a chilling account of the events.

Ricci, known in the community for organizing large toy drives, was seen on camera returning home, with a drink in one hand and his keys in the other. A person dressed in all-black clothing is then seen rushing up to him from behind. Recalling the incident to reporters, Ricci mentioned he was wearing earbuds at the time, saying, “I never should have done that, and I just felt someone run up behind me. Put a gun to me.”

The footage shows the confrontation unfolding within seconds. In a spontaneous reaction, Ricci threw his drink at the suspect, who then ran off. The homeowner, demonstrating quick reflexes, pulled a gun from his waistband and opened fire, asserting that he has a concealed carry permit.

Los Angeles homeowner opens fire on would-be robbersAnother camera angle revealed there were, in fact, two perpetrators involved. They had jumped the front yard fence as Ricci was walking from his car to his front door. The shots fired by Ricci scared off both assailants.

Ricci told reporters that he wasn’t sure if he hit either suspect. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the attempted robbery. Reflecting on the harrowing experience, Ricci expressed a strong resolve to protect his home, stating, “If anybody else ever tries to come, they’re going to die for trying to come in this house. There was one shot to get in, and that was it.”

The incident has raised questions and concerns about the rights of homeowners to defend themselves. Following the event, there were reports of Ricci’s concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit being revoked, which the Los Angeles Police Department later refuted.

This situation underscores the importance of legal firearm ownership for personal protection and the challenges of navigating self-defense laws. Despite previous incidents at his home, including a burglary, Ricci remains committed to his community work, planning another significant toy drive this year. His experience serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and preparedness in ensuring personal and family safety.

Vince Ricci and family
Originally reported by Fox 11
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