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Oakland business owner defends his store after “busy” signal from 911

In the face of escalating crime and a lack of effective response from local authorities, business owners in Oakland are taking matters into their own hands to protect themselves and their livelihoods. The recent burglary at GO! Gas & Food is just one example of the rampant criminal activity plaguing the area.

Sam Jebril, the owner of GO! Gas & Food, experienced firsthand the brazenness of the criminals who targeted his establishment. Despite his efforts to contact law enforcement, he was met with busy signals and delayed response times. In a moment of desperation, he attempted to intervene but was met with the threat of violence from armed suspects.

The alarming frequency of such incidents, coupled with the staggering financial losses incurred by business owners, underscores the urgent need for action. Jebril’s call for businesses to arm their employees reflects a growing sentiment among the community that they cannot rely solely on law enforcement for protection.

The sentiment is echoed by Waheed Alsaidi, another business owner who recognizes the dire situation facing Oakland. With businesses facing repeated losses and the city’s reputation at stake, the need for proactive measures is undeniable.

As Jebril asserts, the right to self-defense is paramount in the face of such brazen criminal activity. By arming themselves and taking proactive security measures, businesses are sending a clear message that they refuse to be victimized any longer.

In the absence of effective solutions from city officials, it falls upon individuals like Jebril to safeguard their businesses and communities. The lack of arrests in the wake of these crimes only reinforces the necessity for businesses to take their security into their own hands.

The events unfolding in Oakland serve as a stark reminder of the importance of the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense. In a city plagued by crime, the resilience and determination of business owners like Jebril are essential in restoring safety and security to their neighborhoods.

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