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Shocking Video: Seattle Police Shoot 67-Year-Old Man Meeting Minors at Hotel

Seattle Police Shoot 67-Year-Old Man Allegedly Meeting Underage Girls at Hotel: A 67-year-old man was shot by Seattle Police at a hotel after allegedly arriving to meet two girls, ages seven and eleven, according to newly released body cam footage. The video shows a tense encounter as the suspect pulls a gun on officers, leading to a fatal outcome.

The police officers shot the man within seconds of him pulling out a gun. A report by the New York Post said it was not yet clear what led the police to set up the undercover operation.

Nicole Parker, a former FBI special agent, told Fox News Digital that the police officers had to react to the fast-moving situation in a split-second.

According to her, pedophile offenders are often the most dangerous criminals and can put police in life-threatening situations. She said such criminals know they have nothing to lose because they will be sent away for a long time when they are caught.

Upon meeting the man, police shot him after he pulled out a gun. This incident occurred as part of an operation by SPD officers and the Washington State Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce. The reasons behind the undercover operation were not immediately clear.

The intense body cam footage show the split second decision making by the officers as you can see the perp pull his weapon. Who knows what would have happened had this been a real meeting with this man and minors.

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