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Sig Sauer P365 XMacro Tacops review

The P365 XMacro Tacops represents Sig’s effort to dominate the concealed carry market. As a fan of the P365 platform, I was eager to test this enlarged variant geared toward everyday carry. After running it through its paces, I believe the XMacro stacks up well against the competition.

First, the basics. The XMacro build on the micro-compact P365 chassis, stretching the grip to accept a 15-round magazine. Controls are mirrored for lefties. And Sig throws on a milled slide cut for miniature red dots. It’s poised to battle smaller 9mm offerings from Smith & Wesson, Springfield and Glock.

Ergonomically, the XMacro impresses. The longer textured polymer grip tames recoil admirably while fitting a wide range of hands. The generous beavertail helps get high on the backstrap. And extended slide release and magazine catch aid manipulation.

The flat-faced trigger delivers a smooth press with minimal creep and no grit. While not match-grade, it’s perfectly adequate for defensive use. Reset and travel compare well against competitors like the Hellcat Pro or G43X MOS.

Reliability and accuracy meet expectations. The XMacro gobbled up brass ammo, hollow points and FMJs without hesitation during my testing. Impacts clustered nicely on paper at realistic defensive distances. And the milled optics cut accepted a micro dot seamlessly.

Now the 365 XMacro isn’t without tradeoffs. The 15-round capacity necessitates a long grip, reducing concealability compared to the standard P365. And some may find the slide a bit stubby for the enlarged frame.

Against say the Smith & Wesson CSX, the Sig does sacrifice some discreetness. But the S&W gives up 4 rounds in exchange. And the XMacro points and handles more naturally than the ultra-sleek CSX.

Compared to the Glock 43X MOS, the Sig has a leg up in capacity but loses some concealability. However, the P365 platform operated more smoothly for me than the Glock. And the trigger press on the XMacro outshines Glock’s offering.

At the end of the day, the XMacro hits a versatile sweet spot between micro-concealed pistols and duty-sized handguns. While not as easily tucked away as the P365, the added capacity, shooter comfort and optics cut make it shine as an EDC firearm.

For those willing to dress around their CCW, the XMacro rewards with shooter-friendly ergonomics, ample capacity and Sig’s refinement. While I’d still pocket the vanilla P365 for deep concealment, the Tacops model finds a nice niche in everyday carry.

And at a suggested retail under $900, it comes in hundreds less than comparable polymer handguns when they debuted. Given Sig’s prominence and quality, the XMacro shapes up as a formidable contender in the concealed carry segment.

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